How To Buy YouTube Views

  1. Read Our YouTube Views Reviews

    We have wasted a lot of money and random accounts buying these fake views and can show you which one’s at least worked.

  2. Click On Our Links & Buttons to get to the Vendor

    We do all this garbage for you, and we will be reimbursed by the affiliate sites we are sending you to, but at least your YouTube channel might not get banned.

  3. Buy Their Damn Views (and Subscribers!)

    We have all wasted our time if you don’t actually buy their damn views, so go ahead and go with who we recommend, which is the least obvious bot operated views generators. We, and presumably you, assume none of this is done from “real people”.

  4. Watch as the fake views roll in, tricking YouTube and the idiots that fill the site

    Yes, people on YouTube are morons of the highest caliber and they believe high view counts matter, as does the algorithm itself. There is a reason people keep buying this type of service.

Can You Really Buy YouTube Views?

Yes, but none of these views are real people and you too are an idiot for buying this type of service. However, you are probably thinking the views will give you validation to even dumber idiots on YouTube, and you might be right.
  • The Least Obviously Terrible Site:
  • The Second-Least Terrible Site:
  • The Third-Least Terrible Site:


Does Buying YouTube Views Work?

What does that even mean? Do real people watch your videos for money? No way. Does YouTube’s algorithm count the views that you buy? Perhaps from certain providers. Do even dumber morons who see these views think more highly of your videos and increase the odds of them sharing and commenting? Unfortunately, we assume so. Otherwise, the many celebrities who repeatedly buy these would obviously stop. That’s the best we can do.